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MLL has limited openings available for the Spring 2018 Workshop on "Best Practices for Citizen Data Collection" being offered in Winston-Salem, NC on October 12, 2018.  Please sign up here.

Click here to download a conference handout with more information about data collection

Management Learning Laboratories (MLL) offers research services to collect citizen input using scientifically reliable methods to produce dependable and defensible decisions.  MLL, based in North Carolina, has conducted research for numerous communities in the United States.  MLL is composed of internationally renowned researchers with a broad experience in conducting social science research.  The research team is composed carefully to address the specific research questions and methodology of each project.  Selected recent publications by MLL can be found here.

New book on Needs Assessment just out in 2018.  See the book here.

The narbs analysis is now featured in the Parks and Recreation magazine of NRPA.  Read the article here

Find more information about "narbs" here

Tested and reliable questionnaires for citizen data collection.  Click here for details

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MLL also maintains a consumer division to support in customer service and billing operations within its consumer services.

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